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Let's Make it Simple

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I'm Hadar Menashe, an interface designer with over twenty years of experience.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working on more than a hundred projects, each one special and deserving of its unique touch.

When it comes to complex systems, that's where the real challenge begins. My goal? to create an intuitive and simple application without compromising the design.

I'm here to work closely with you, from the initial concept to a polished product. Whether you need help with design, usability improvements, or even just a single feature, Don't hesitate to contact me.

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Consulting for complex systems

Consulting for complex interfaces including improvements and "facelift" to existing systems

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Design for multiple platforms

Design for multiple platforms: web, mobile, desktop, tablet, smart glasses, wearable, Kiosk, Touch, and embedded

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Multifaceted industry spectrum

UI/UX design for different types of industries: AI, medical, military, social, security, education, financial, VR/AR, and others

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End-to-end solution

Providing an end-to-end solution for the UI\UX tier starting from requirements to the design QA

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Usability testing


Preliminary research, usability testing (A-B/A-Z), and expert review

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Medical devices


User experience and Gui design of medical systems for leading companies - based on FDA regulations

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Customizing applications for different languages, cultures, and users

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Sounds for systems


Consultation for integration of sound files as indicators and notifications in complex systems

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Building a brand identity, design language, and a unique icons library