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Complex Systems

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Let's Make it Simple

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With over twenty years of experience in UI/UX, "Hadar Menashe UI/UX" is a boutique studio that specializes in designing interfaces for leading companies and startups, particularly for complex systems. Our focus is on providing personalized attention of the highest quality to each project.

Our team strives to create simple-to-use and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that cater to the needs of your users. Whether you are contemplating building a new system, updating an existing interface, or seeking expert review for your application, we possess the expertise to help you realize your vision.



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Variety of industries

UI/UX design for different types of industries: AI, medical, military, social, security, education, financial, VR/AR, and others

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Design for multiple platforms

Design for multiple platforms: web, mobile, desktop, tablet, smart glasses, wearable, Kiosk, Touch, and embedded

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Consulting for complex systems

Consulting for complex interfaces including improvements and "facelift" to existing systems while taking into account the development environment

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End-to-end solution

Providing an end-to-end solution for the UI\UX tier starting from requirements to the design QA

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Usability testing


Preliminary research, usability testing (A-B/A-Z), and expert review

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Medical devices


User experience and Gui design of medical systems for leading companies - based on FDA regulations

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Customizing applications for different languages, cultures, and users

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Sounds for systems


Consultation for integration of sound files as indicators and notifications in complex systems

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Building a brand identity, design language, and a unique icons library